The UML Nuclear Reactor is water cooled and operates at a maximum power level of one megawatt.  It is used primarily for training and research in the fields of nuclear science, radiochemistry and engineering.  The reactor is housed in a containment building which is part of the UML Radiation Laboratory.

Entrance to the reactor is restricted to those persons authorized to work in the facility.  Unauthorized individuals must be escorted by authorized personnel.

Authorizations, changes in procedures, review of experimental work, production of radioisotopes, and special problems involving the reactor facility will be taken up by the Reactor Safety Subcommittee.

Operating procedures and conditions for the reactor

  1. Only persons licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or who are working under the direct supervision of a licensed operator will be permitted to operate the reactor.

  2. Routine and emergency procedures shall be maintained and accessible to reactor personnel.  Procedural changes must be reviewed and approved by the Reactor Safety Subcommittee as required by the reactor operating license.

  3. The operation of certain continuous monitoring equipment which monitors the radioactivity levels or radiation levels of the stack effluent, liquid coolant, and general work environs is required for reactor startup and operation.  Surveys and analyses will be conducted by the Radiation Safety Office to insure that working levels are within safe and permissible limits.

  4. individuals desiring to use the reactor and associated sample irradiation facilities must first apply for and receive appropriate authorization: 

    • Facility uses, such as experimental runs and setups, which have been previously approved by the Reactor Safety Subcommittee may be approved directly by the Reactor Supervisor and the Radiation Safety Officer.  
    • Reactor uses which have not been previously reviewed and approved by the Reactor Safety Subcommittee must be presented in proposal form to the Subcommittee for its review.
  5. The Radiation Safety Office staff will survey the radiation levels and evaluate associated hazards during the initial startup of all new experiments to ensure safe operation.

  6. The Radiation Safety Office staff will survey the radiation and contamination levels of all radioisotopes produced and removed from the reactor and any experimental equipment used in radiation facilities which might present a contamination or radiation hazard.

  7. The Radiation Safety Office must be contacted prior to the removal of a radiation source from the reactor building (containment shell).