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Lasers Safety Training

Steps to formalize your laser safety training

New Users training

  1. Complete the laser safety training (below) with embedded quiz.  
  2. Complete the Laser Worker Authorization form.  Once you have been instructed on your labs general safety have your Principal Investigator (PI) sign the form (hardcopy or digital).
  3. Complete your site specific training directly associated with the laser(s) in your lab (Site Specific Training Form) and have signed by your PI (hardcopy or digital).
  4. Contact the Radiation Safety Office to set up a face-to-face training and be sure to bring the laser worker authorization form and site specific training forms signed by your PI or digitally submitted prior.
  5. The status of your training can be seen on our Safety Certification Website

Refresher training 

  1. Review sections 7-10 (Haz analysis, Controls, programs, and examples sections) of the laser safety training (below), and take the embedded quiz.
  2. The Radiation Safety Office will automatically be notified of your passing quiz results and will update your training record.

 Laser Safety Training

Laser safety training for the new user and refresher training

Radiation Safety Training Database Video Tutorials

 UMass Lowell Renewing Your Radiation Safety Training Tutorial (1:12)

Training Database Video Tutorial for New Employees (3:36)

To best view these videos in full-screen, please click on the YouTube in the bottom right. Next select the gear icon (settings) and select 1080 HD from the quality menu.