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Honors Thesis/Project Mentor Guidelines

Honors mentors play a pivotal role in the thesis/project process. Some general guidelines include:
  • Sign Honors Mentor Form for your mentee
  • If your mentee is not using a course to fulfill the Honors Thesis/Project course requirements please assist your student in the creation of an Independent/Directed Study section with you
  • Coordinate a timeline for thesis/project completion with your mentee
  • Assist your mentee in drafting an Honors Thesis/Project Proposal
  • If your mentee is completing an Honors Add-on to a Capstone Project assist your mentee in determining an appropriate scope and scale for their add-on component 
  • Assist your mentee in finding (a) Committee Member(s)
  • Approve your mentee's proposal and sign the Honors Thesis/Project Proposal Form
  • Meet with your mentee about the thesis/project 
  • When your mentee is ready to present the thesis/project, coordinate a time, date and location for the presentation. Each semester the Honors College schedules several dates and locations for Honors Thesis/Project Presentations and sends signup information to Mentors and Students. If your mentee is presenting at an alternate time and location, please inform the Thesis/Project Coordinator Rae Mansfield
  • Attend your mentee's Honors Thesis/Project Presentation 
  • If your Mentee has not completed the final document by the presentation, the final document and signed title page are due to the Honors College by the end of finals week of the semester in which they present (unless they've been granted an official extension)
  • NOTE: Your student must earn a B or better on their Honors Thesis/Project course(s) to received Honors Credit
  • NOTE: If your mentee requires an extension on their presentation or paperwork, please contact the Honors Thesis/Project Coordinator Rae Mansfield
  • Additional information for Honors Faculty may be found in the Honors Faculty Handbook (pdf)

Standard Honors Thesis/Project Presentation Format

  • If there is an audience please introduce your mentee and their topic
  • Mentee gives a 20-minute presentation of their thesis/project followed by 20-40 minutes of Q&A and discussion
  • Mentor and Committee Member(s) get the first questions, followed by the Honors Representative, followed by general audience questions
  • Mentor and Committee Member(s) confer, determine whether their mentee has passed their Honors Thesis/Project presentation, and provide any final notes and feedback 
  • Mentor and Committee Member(s) sign mentee's Thesis/Project Completion Form and indicate the date, time, and location of the presentation
  • If the Mentee has completed their final document at the presentation date and it does not require additional revisions the Mentor and Committee Member sign the Thesis/Project Title Page
  • Mentor presents Honors Scholar Stole to Mentee