The Honor Thesis/Project proposal must:

  • Indicate the semester(s) in which you are completing your Thesis/Project
  • Indicate the courses (Capstone, Independent/Directed Study, Senior Research, etc.) you will be using to satisfy your H7/H8 Requirements
  • Include the following elements:
    • Thesis/Project overview
    • A Thesis/Project rationale/justification
    • The format your Thesis/Project presentation will take
    • The format of the archivable components of your Thesis/Project (i.e., an article-length document, a reflection paper and blueprints, a script and an artist's statement, a curriculum design, a lab report with an extended discussion and conclusion).
    • A timeline for completion of your work
    • A working bibliography
    • A Proposal Form (Docusign form) signed by your Honors Mentor and at least one additional faculty member

Please note:

  • All Honors Theses/Projects MUST have a written component
  • You may also complete a DifferenceMakers, Co-op, or Service Learning-based Honors Project. If this is of interest to you please work with Rae Mansfield to coordinate your H7/H8. If you are specifically interested in completing a Service Learning Honors Project for your H7/H8, please contact Megan Hadley.
  • If your thesis/project requires or may require Institutional Review Board approval because you’re working with humans or animals, you and your Honors Mentor are responsible for completing necessary trainings and approvals/exemptions.

Human Subject Research & the Institutional Review Board

If your thesis/project involves working with living persons and you wish to present or publish information gathered from human subject the activity is considered human subject research and must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval or exemption before data collection begins. Everyone involved in the project must complete IRB training and your Honors Mentor serves as the PI on your thesis/project.

Contingencies & Extenuating Circumstances

  • Students interested in completing a Service Learning Honors Project should contact Megan Hadley to coordinate their service learning experience.
  • Students using their Emerging Scholars Project as their Honors Project enroll in a 3-credit Directed Study with their Emerging Scholars Mentor to fulfill their H8. A grad class, second Honors-by-Contract, or 3000+ Honors course must be used to fulfill the H7.
  • Students completing interdisciplinary Honors Projects may enroll in a Directed/Independent Study with their Honors Mentor in their Mentor's department or in Honors Directed Study in the Honors College. Interdisciplinary Honors Projects may be 3 credits (one Directed/Independent Study) or 6 credits (2 Directed/Independent Studies)
  • Nursing students taking NURS 4120 as their H7 during summer session and NURS 4150 as their H8 during the fall semester must submit their updated Mentor Forms and Honors Project Proposals to the Honors College by Sept. 15.
  • Engineering students completing one semester Honors Projects using their Engineering Capstone as their H8 course must submit their updated Mentor Forms and Honors Project Proposals by Oct. 15 (for Fall Capstones) or Feb. 15 (for Spring Capstones). A grad class, second Honors-by-Contract, or 3000+ Honors course must be used to fulfill the H7.
  • Students using ongoing research or proprietary information as part of their Honors Thesis/Project must have their final document vetted and approved by all involved parties before submitting completion materials to the Honors College. If an extension on submission of materials is required please contact the Thesis/Project Coordinator Rae Mansfield.
  • Students interested in using their co-op or DifferenceMaker experience as part of their Honors Project Experience should contact the Honors College to develop a personalized plan for fulfilling their H7/H8 requirements.
  • Psychology students taking their H7/H8 courses as part of their psychology major requirements must complete a thesis to fulfill their Honors requirements. Psychology students who do not need to take their H7/H8 courses as part of major requirements may opt for completing an Honors project by taking Directed Study courses with a faculty mentor in another academic department or in the Honors College. Refer to the Psychology Honors Thesis Guidebook (pdf).