An Honors College Interactive Experience is a pre-approved, non-credit experience that is guided by either a faculty mentor, a director, or coordinator/liaison. All Interactive Experiences must involve a reading, writing, and speaking component, as well as address at least one of the Honors College Student Learning Outcomes.

Options for HIEs include, but are not limited to, options like:

  • Honors College Reading Symposium
  • Honors College Fellowship
  • Faculty-led research experience
  • A UMass Lowell sponsored study abroad trip or co-op with an Honors add-on
  • Community engagement

Students may use an Interactive Experience to satisfy the H4, H5 or H6 Honors Curriculum requirements. However, students may only use up to two total Interactive Experiences for their H1-H8 requirements.

To learn more about Interactive Experiences options or how to apply, please visit the Honors Impactful Experience Libguide. Please note that students must successfully be approved for an HIE prior to starting the activity for Honors credit.

Questions? Contact the Honors Interactive Experience Coordinator: Erin Maitland.