Financial Aid

Loan Servicing

With assistance from the Federal government, we try to make loan servicing as easy as possible including online promissory notes and exit interviews. 

Federal Loans

Federal loans (undergraduate, graduate) are supported by entrance, management and exit counseling. A loan servicer, assigned by the U.S. Department of Education, will handle the billing and other services. Please review the following government sites regarding loan servicing.

Online Exit Interview

Thank you for selecting to take the online exit interview. Any student who borrowed a Direct loan and is graduating, withdrawing, or dropping below half time status should complete the online exit interview. In addition to completing your exit interview requirements you will be able to do the following:

  • View a history of any Federal student aid you received
  • Make address corrections to your Direct Loan account
  • Calculate a repayment schedule for your student loan(s)
  • Get interactive counseling on deferment or forbearance for any Direct Loans you have
  • Track the processing status of your Online Consolidation Loan application throughout the entire consolidation process from application to booking with Direct Loan Servicing.

To take the online exit interview and to access most of the above information you must have a PIN number from the Department of Education,  you may request a PIN number online if you do not have one.

Once you complete your online exit interview and pass the quiz, the UMass Lowell Student Loan Office will be notified.

Click here to connect to online exit counseling or to request a PIN number.