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International Experience

International Experience

There are numerous international opportunities for UMass Lowell students who become “World Ready” while getting their degree. 

Art & Design students are traveling all over the world through many study abroad options. The UMass Lowell Study Abroad office sends our students to various countries, whether they take a traditional semester-long study abroad programs or a course that travels with fellow UMass Lowell students and professor during a summer/winter session. In addition, Art & Design students have the opportunity to study in art schools with which we have established partnerships.

International Partnerships

Study Abroad

The Art & Design Department regularly organizes study abroad trips and programs. Experiences have included: 

Florence, Venice and Rome with Ellen Wetmore See Art, Make Art! 

In one course, 70.295 students participated in a drawing class in which they made a portfolio of small works to take abroad and exhibit internationally. They attended the Venice Biennial, an international printmaking festival of infinitely cool graffiti art and an ancient Roman seaport that looks like an MC Escher drawing. Students experienced everything from their art history courses: the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Botticellis, The David and the rest. 

The second course, 79.241, explored Art in Political, Religious and Historic context. \

Art & Design Students Travel to Israel

A group of 7 Sharjah University students joined UMass Lowell students in summer 2015 taking two Digital Media courses.