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Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics - Applied Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics.

Coordinator: Hung Phan, Ph.D (Mathematics), 978-934-6817, 

This certificate provides professionals in biology, business, computer science, engineering, insurance, medicine, pharmaceutical and other sciences with statistical tools for survival in a highly competitive world marketplace. Experimental design provides methodology for gaining information in an efficient manner. Use of designed experiments in product development is known as off-line quality control. Clinical trials are examples of designed experiments in the medical field. Statistical modeling (linear regression analysis) includes systematic procedures for collecting and analyzing data in order to predict a response variable based on one or more predictor variables. The techniques covered in design of experiments are special cases of the general approach to statistical modeling. Certificate holders will be equipped with quantitative tools that form the heart of a quality approach to development and improvement of products and services. Most courses are offered in the evening.

This is a 12-credit certificate.

Required of Students without Probability/Statistics Background: (3 credits)

  • MATH.5090 Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Required of All Students: (6 credits)

  • MATH.5910 Statistical Modeling and Linear Regression Analysis
  • MATH.5930 Experimental Design

Electives: (6 credits)

  • Electives may be selected from among the courses listed in the graduate school catalog subject to approval by the graduate coordinator.