Degree Pathway for Master of Science in Mathematics - Applied and Computational Option

This is a 30-credit program.

 Required Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
MATH.5010Real Analysis I3
MATH.5300Applied Mathematics I3
MATH.5640Applied Linear Algebra3

 Theory or Analysis Courses - Choose 2 (6 credits)
Course #Course NameCr.
MATH.5070Applied Functional Analysis I3
MATH.5110Complex Variables I3
MATH.5310Applied Mathematics II3
MATH.5450Partial Differential Equations3

 Application Courses - Choose 2 (6 credits)
Course #Course NameCr.
MATH.5090Probability & Mathematical Statistics3
MATH.5500Mathematical Modeling3
MATH.5630Computational Mathematics3
MATH.5650Special Functions3

The remaining 3 course (9 credits of electives) are to be chosen from the offerings of the Math Department in consultation with the student's advisor.

Total = 30 credits

Last updated 6/22/20