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College of Health Sciences

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Admission and Degree Requirements

Applicants to the M.S. program in Pharmaceutical Sciences must have a B.S. degree or be in the last semester of their baccalaureate program. Up to 12 credits of graduate work of appropriate course work with a grade of B or better can be transferred into the UMass Lowell MS Pharmaceutical Science programs if approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

Upon admission or through the successful completion of prerequisite courses, students will be expected to have successfully demonstrated undergraduate level knowledge in biochemistry, calculus, general and organic chemistry and biology or anatomy and physiology.

The M.S. curriculum will consist of 32 credits of coursework. Coursework will generally be scheduled in the fall and spring semesters. Full-time students should finish in 12 months by taking course during the summer terms. Students who attend part-time should finish within five years.

The Program Coordinator and advisers in the program will guide M.S. students through a part-time or full-time program of study. Full-time study is equivalent to 9 credits per semester.

Required Core Curriculum 

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
Total Core Curriculum 29 credits
CHEM.5500Biochemistry I3 credits
PHRM.6100Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences3 credits
PHRM.6120Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences Lab1 credit
BIOL.5420Cell Biology (a)3 credits
CHEM.5620Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (b)3 credits
PHRM.6400Pharmaceutical Analysis3 credits
PHRM.6420Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab1 credit
MLSC.5510Clinical Pathology (formerly Advanced Pathophysiology) (c)3 credits
PHRM.6600Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism3 credits
PHRM.6410Drug Delivery3 credits
PUBH.5770Introduction to Biostatistics3 credits
  • (a) OR BIOL.5760 Cell Culture or CHEN.5350 Cell and Microbe Cultivation
    (if Cell Biology or equivalent training was previously completed at either the undergraduate or graduate level)
  • (b) OR CHEM.6310 Principles of Medicinal Chemistry I (3 credits)
  • (c) OR HSCI.5500 Human Development and Pathophysiology (3 credits)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Elective options include (but are not limited to):

Other pharmaceutical sciences elective options may be added to this list or be approved by the Graduate Coordinator.

Total credits for the MS degree is 32.

Updated 10/3/2022