Master of Arts - International Security

International Security

In this area of concentration, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of complex, intersecting global threats like organized criminal and terrorist networks, and the various policies, strategies and mechanisms to combat these threats.

Core Courses

  • Contemporary Security Studies (CRIM.5750)
  • Intelligence Analysis: Policy and Practice (CRIM.5780)
  • Scientific and Technological Dimensions of National Security (CRIM.6680)
  • Research Design (CRIM.5910)
  • Security Studies Capstone Research Paper (CRIM.6990)

Electives (Choose 5 from the Following)

  • Advanced Security Studies (CRIM.6670)
  • Comparative Terrorism and Counterterrorism (CRIM.5720)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (CRIM.6640)
  • Global Trafficking and Criminal Networks (CRIM.6650)
  • Terrorism (CRIM.6660)
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (CRIM.5900)
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management (CRIM.5730)
  • Global Issues and Human Rights and Justice (CRIM.6620)
  • Issues in Computer Crime and Cyber Security (CRIM.6580)
  • Politics and Economics of Public Policy (POLI.5150)
  • Counterterrorism Policies and Strategies (CRIM.6690)

Other graduate-level electives taken at UMass Lowell or at other campuses of the University of Massachusetts may also count toward the 5 electives, based on approval of the Program Director and Graduate Faculty Group.

More information about this program is available from the Office of Graduate Admissions.