Master's Program

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Degree Program

The UMass Lowell program in Chemical Engineering is designed to provide the opportunity for graduate students to study the fundamentals and applications of chemical engineering principles, and to carry out independent research.

Admission Requirements

The Department will consider students for enrollment in the Chemical Engineering program who have a BS degree in engineering or science. Those students who do not have an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering are required to take complete CHEN.4030 Chemical Reaction Eng., CHEN.5100 Advanced Separation Processes, CHEN.5200 Advanced Thermodynamics, CHEN.5280 Advanced transport Phenomena, and CHEN.5390 Mathematical Methods for Engineers for a total of 15 credits which, if successfully completed, may be used toward the masters or doctoral degree. These students are expected to prepare adequately for these courses through self-study but CHEN.6510/2 can also be utilized. It is highly recommended that such students complete four years of mathematics through differential equations, one year of organic chemistry and one semester of physical chemistry, prior to enrolling in the graduate program.

All applicants must submit all required application materials and fees as specified by the Graduate Admissions Office.

Advisors and Advisory Committee

The Graduate Coordinator will be the academic advisor for each student, to help remedy deficiencies in prerequisites, select electives if most value and plan the overall study program. For those completing a thesis, the thesis advisor will chair the advisory committee, which will guide the student in his or her research and supervise the completion of thesis requirements.

Plan of Study

Each student shall file an approved plan of study with the Department Chairperson and Graduate Coordinator. This form will contain a listing of the courses, which will make up his or her program. Any changes must have the approval of the Department Graduate Coordinator.

Credit Requirements

The Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering requires the successful completion of 30 credit hours. Students may elect one of two options:

  1. 24 credit hours of course work, plus at least 6 credit hours in preparation of an acceptable thesis, or
  2. 30 credit hours of course work for the non-thesis option. Students who have received a teaching or research assistantship will be required to submit an acceptable thesis. A thesis must be defended in an oral examination conducted by the student's thesis committee.

All students must enroll in at least two semesters of graduate seminar (CHEN.601/602) during the period of study. (These are zero credit seminars.)

Core Requirements

The core requirements will consist of one course in advanced mathematics, one course in thermal/fluid processes and one course in solid mechanics. A minimum of four total courses must be taken from the following core areas.

Advanced Mathematics

  • CHEN/ENGY.5090 System Dynamics
  • CHEN/ENGY.5390 Mathematical Methods for Engineers

Thermal/Fluid Processes

  • CHEN.5100 Advanced Separation Processes
  • CHEN.5200 Advanced Thermodynamics
  • CHEN.5280 Advanced Transport Phenomena

Solid Mechanics

  • CHEN.5060 Colloidal, Interfacial & Nanomaterials Science and Engineering
  • CHEN.5080 Material Science and Engineering (Not for those who graduated from UMass Lowell)
  • CHEN.5230 Nanodevices and Electronic Materials 
  • CHEN.5250 Design and Packaging of Materials
  • CHEN.5350 Cell and Microbe Cultivation


Each student who chooses to complete a thesis will be required to complete six credits of thesis and must defend the thesis when completed according to University regulations. The research work for the thesis shall be conducted under the supervision of a department faculty advisor and a committee of two others for the thesis. The student must prepare and submit an acceptable proposal for the thesis prior to beginning the work.

During the period the student is enrolled in graduate thesis, he or she may be required to submit to the faculty of the department a brief monthly report, showing progress in his or her thesis or project and approval by his or her advisor.

Elective Requirements

The remainder of the course requirements are to be made up of elective courses. See the elective course listing under the Doctoral Program.