Remote Learning Modules fit right into Google Classroom, or any learning management system, so teachers can collect students’ work. Aligned with state and national social studies and/or science standards, each module addresses a topic related to the Industrial Revolution and consists of primary documents, secondary sources, photographs, videos, questions, and writing prompts.

Title & Link:Grades:Description:
Lowell's Mill Girls4-6Journey from a small New England farm to the factories of Lowell to learn about the life and work of a mill girl.
Pennacook People of the Merrimack Valley for Elementary Students3-4Learn about the Pennacook people of the Merrimack Valley - Their way of life before English colonists came, how their life changed when the English arrived, and how they keep their culture alive today.
Pennacook People of the Merrimack Valley for High School StudentsHigh SchoolThis collection explores the history of the Pennacook people who have lived in the Merrimack Valley for thousands of years.
Enslaved Labor and the LandHigh SchoolThis collection explores how enslaved people exercised their agency, the economic connections between north and south, and how people fought for abolition.
History of Pollution in the Merrimack Valley... and Beyond8-12Using the Merrimack Valley as a case study, this site explores the origins of pollution and how it spreads. 

Additional Remote Learning Modules will be available soon.