Pennacook People of the Merrimack Valley Remote learning Module Created especially for ELementary grade students

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Pennacook People of the Merrimack Valley


Learn about the Pennacook people of the Merrimack Valley - their way of life before English colonists came, how their life changed when the English arrived, and how they keep their culture alive today. Includes text, images, and video.


Pennacook, Native Americans, Lowell, culture, Metacom's (King Phillip's) War, wigwam, food/hunting



Massachusetts History and Social Studies Framework:

Grade 3Topic 1: Massachusetts cities and towns today and in history 2. Research the demographic origins of the town or city (e.g., the Native People who originally lived there or still live there…).Topic 2. The geography and Native Peoples of Massachusetts3. Explain the diversity of Native Peoples, present and past, in Massachusetts and the New England region.Topic 5. The Puritans, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Native Peoples, and Africans 2. Explain why Puritan men and women migrated in great numbers to Massachusetts in the 17th century, how they moved west from the Atlantic coast, and the consequences of their migration for the Native Peoples of the region (e.g., loss of territory, great loss of life due to susceptibility to European diseases, religious conversion, conflicts over different ways of life such as the Pequot War and King Philip’s War).

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