History of Pollution in the Merrimack Valley ... and Beyond Remote Learning Module

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Using the Merrimack River Valley as a case study, this site explores the origins of pollution and how it spreads. Learn how industrial and human by-products contaminated the land and waters of the Merrimack Valley, and how individuals and governments have fought, and are fighting, to keep it clean.


Environmental impact of industrialization, air and water pollution, climate change, burning fossil fuels, industrial and household waste and legislation to protect the environment.



Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework

Grade 8
ESS3. Earth and Human Activity: 8.MS-ESS3-5 Examine and interpret data to describe the role that human activities have played in causing the rise in global temperatures over the past century.

High School - Life Sciences

LS2. Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics: HS-L52-7. Analyze direct and indirect effects of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystem health, specifically habitat fragmentation, introduction of non-native or invasive species, overharvesting, pollution, and climate change. 

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