Pennacook People of the Merrimack Valley Remote Learning Module

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Pennacook People of the Merrimack Valley


This collection explores the history of the Pennacook; people who have lived in the Merrimack Valley for thousands of years, building a rich society with its own traditions, life ways, and culture. With the arrival of large numbers of European colonists in the 17th century, life for the Pennacook change drastically to surviving foreign diseases, fighting colonists to retain their original homelands, and finding a way to adapt and endure with the constant threat of European encroachment.; Native people continue to live and work in the Merrimack Valley, speaking their language, practicing cultural traditions, and keeping alive the memories of their ancestors.;


Pennacook, Native Americans, Lowell, traditional land use, racism against Indian people, Metacom’s (King Philip’s) War, Praying Towns, Lowell;


High School

Massachusetts History and Social Studies Framework:

United States History I;

  1. Origins of the Revolution and the Constitution
  2. Explain the reasons for the French and Indian War (1754–1763), the North American component of the global Seven Years’ War between Great Britain and France (1756–1763) and analyze how the war affected colonists and Native Peoples. (This RLM uses Metacom’s (King Philip’s) War (1675) to illustrate this standard.)

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