Get the most for your bus money by extending your visit, or reserve just an afternoon workshop or boat tour (ideal for homeschooling families, youth groups, after-school enrichment programs).

Add a Workshop:

Add a one-hour, hands-on workshop after your regular Center program day. For example, after a day of Power to Production, have students weave in the Bale to Bolt workshop. Students who have done Bale to Bolt can add on the Water Power Workshop, so all of your students will experience both programs! 

Added cost to base program: $100 per class. Call us at 978-970-5080 to reserve your group.

Attention, School Districts!

If you have received funds for extended-school-day programming in your district and are looking for meaningful, curriculum-based programming, contact us. We can work with you to meet your extended-day needs. Contact us to discuss options for extended-day programs in your school or at our site.

For more information about your trip to the Tsongas Industrial History Center, see Plan Your Visit.


The Tsongas Industrial History Center is an education partnership between the University of Massachusetts Lowell School of Education and the National Park Service at Lowell National Historical Park.

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