Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) provide students with an in-depth look at a topic related to the Industrial Revolution. Our professional educators facilitate virtual interactions that offer all the energy and engagement of TIHC’s in-person programs. VFTs can be conducted in a classroom (all students in one classroom on one projecting device), home (students at home on individual devices), or classroom and home simultaneously. VFTs use a passcode-protected Zoom account. Programs are approximately 45 minutes long, limited to 25 students each, and align with state and national social studies and/or science standards.

Cost: the cost is $125.00 per program.

Call us at 978-970-5080 to reserve your program date and time.

Title & LinkProgram DescriptionGrade Level
(Relevant to state framework)
Mill Girls: Life and Work in an Industrial CityMeet two mill girls and learn about their experiences of life and work in a textile factory. Students develop a sense of what work in Lowell's actories was like by engaging in simulated, kinesthetic work activity. Massachusetts Grade 5
Other states
Grades 4 or 6
Immigration, Culture, and CommunityInvestigate primary sources, oral histories, and objects to learn about real people who immigrated to Lowell during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Massachusetts Grade 4
Other states
Grades 5 or 6
Waterpower: Powering a RevolutionGenerate hypotheses and analyze data to determine the most efficient ways to convert potential energy to kinetic energy and distribute that energy to all the mills' machines. Grades 4-8
The Human Impact on the Living PlanetTrace the water cycle, from precipitation to surface water runoff, to investigate how humans impact the health of the environment, and then test and improve a water filter. Grades 4-8
Engineering a Better FutureExamine the Boott Cotton Mills' power looms and and apply the engineering design process to identify safety problems and design viable solutions. Grades 3-5
Unbroken BondsExamine antebellum Lowell as a place where capitalism, slavery and activism intersected, prompting Black and white Lowellians to wrestle with the moral and economic implications of slavery and abolition. (Coming in Fall 2024).Grades 8-12