Disbursements to Your Bill

Financial aid disbursements are made directly to your bill (except in the case of student employment). Disbursements are made after the add/drop period of each semester once enrollment, residency, grade level and housing are confirmed and all program requirements have been met (ie. loan entrance counseling, promissory notes, verification, etc.).

Federal Work Study and UMass Lowell Student Employment is distributed by paycheck for hours worked.

SiS UShare

SiS is UMass Lowell’s online student information system. You have the ability to grant your parents, guardians, spouse, employers or others access to your SiS account via UShare from the Student Center. In compliance with FERPA, only students may initiate and assign guest access. Learn more about UShare.

Student Employment Earnings

Student Employment earnings are not automatically applied to your university bill, however, you may opt to have 70% of biweekly earnings applied toward your bill by completing a Withholding Enrollment Form with payroll. Find the forms and more information about student earnings at Student Employment.

Financial Aid Refunds & Book Advancements

Student Refunds: Credit balances resulting from overpayment or excess financial aid will be refunded to students each semester. Students can authorize the university to deposit credit balances directly into a designated bank account by enrolling in Direct Deposit through SiS Self Service. Detailed instructions on Direct Deposit.

Book Advancements: Students whose financial aid is in excess of the student invoice by $50 - $700 will be issued a book advancement. The amount comes from your financial aid award and the amount used at the bookstore will be charged back to your student account. Eligible students are notified via their university student email account. More information on book vouchers.

Monthly Tuition Payment Plan

Monthly payment plans by semester are offered through Flywire. Semester bills can be divided into five, four and three month payments. The earlier you are able to sign up, the smaller the monthly payments will be.

Payment plans enable students and their families to pay the tuition, fees, housing and meal plans in smaller, more affordable payments rather than in a lump sum. A payment plan is not a loan program and there are no finance or interest charges. There is a $30 nonrefundable application fee per semester.

For more information or to sign up online, visit your SIS Student Center and click on payment options.

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How to Access Your Student eBill

  • University eBill notifications are emailed directly to the student’s university email account
  • Students may access their university eBill online using their SiS Student Center
  • Payment options are available in your SiS Student Center under Payment Options
  • Students can grant parent(s)/guardian(s) user access to their student financial information through UShare online.

For more information, visit the Solution Center.