The University Student Employee Wage Structure, effective May 2023, is outlined below. Please note that the various levels apply to ALL student employment positions – both financial aid based as well as departmental contracts – and should be used in order to provide continuity and equity in wages across the UMass Lowell campus. 

Please contact Candice Garabedian, Associate Director-Student Employment Manager, by email at: or Kim Casey, Executive Director of Compensation & Benefits, by email: if you have any questions or concerns.

University Student Wage Structure

Effective dateJanuary 1, 2023May 8, 2023

I$15 flat$15-$16

II$15.25- $16$16.25-$18

III$16.25- $23.25$18.25-$25

  • A request for an hourly rate exceeding the pay range will require approval of the dean or department director and review by the Student Employment Manager and the Executive Director, Compensation & Benefits.
  • Wage structure may be adjusted further as necessary if federal or state regulation is updated.
  • Job levels are assigned based on job description and requirements. The university does not have separate levels for undergraduate students or graduate students.


Level I

Entry-level positions requiring the performance of routine tasks. Does not require previous work experience. Students will need training to learn the skills required for the position. The position requires direct supervision. Positions at this level would include: Lab Monitors, Library Assistants, Front Desk Greeters, and Office Assistants.

Level II

Positions requiring a moderate level of knowledge or skill. Positions requiring the performance of moderately complex tasks based on some experience or training. Duties require a general knowledge of the functions of the department, a high level of dependability, and often involve the supervision of other student employees or department programs. Positions at this level would include: Senior Office Assistants, Tutors, Lab Assistants, and Social Media/Web Content Coordinators. These positions are also held by students employed through our Community Service partners.

Level III

Responsibilities may include regular independent supervision and/or coordination of programs and/or projects involving highly complex equipment, analysis of data. Other responsibilities include regular independent decision making and may involve day to day supervision of student employees. The decisions of students in these positions may affect the total operation and success of a project or program. Limited, if any, supervision. Positions at this level would include: Athletic Trainers, Research Assistants, Lab Technicians, Lifeguards, and EMS personnel.   

Offering wages on the higher end of the level III structure will require highly developed specific skills, completion of related graduate-level coursework or significant previous work experience (2+ years) and training/certification required. Resumes will be reviewed prior to approval of wage requests in this level.

Pay Rate Changes

If a supervisor feels the student’s job performance warrants an increase, the supervisor may offer that increase at the start of a new employment period. Pay rates should not be changed mid-year unless the student is promoted to a new level/position within the department.

Updated April 20, 2023