The Queer Peers Program is a peer-to-peer mentoring program open to all students to become mentors and mentees.

The Queer Peers Mentors provide emotional and social support through the transition from high school to university. The mentors connect mentees to resources and to each other. 

The goal of the Queer Peers Program is to facilitate mentor/mentee relationships between LGBTQ+ students and to share resources along with LGBTQ+ events and programming throughout the semester. Pair relationships may differ but the mentors may talk mentees through personal challenges, academic wellbeing, and bring their mentees to University Sponsored and LGBTQ+ events.

Who Can Be A Mentee?

UMass Lowell students are encouraged to become a Queer Peer mentee if they identify with any of the following:

  • I want someone to help me become more involved with LGBTQ+ resources on campus
  • I want someone to support me through academic, social, emotional wellbeing tips
  • I want to connect with an experienced mentor on campus
  • I want to attend University Sponsored and LGBTQ+ events with a mentor

If you're interested in signing up to become a Queer Peers Mentee, please email

Who Can Be A Mentor?

  • Any UMass Lowell student who wants to support fellow students, and is able to meet with their peer regularly throughout the year can become a mentor
  • All mentors must attend training in order to get a pairing

If you're interested in signing up to become one, please fill out the

What Are The Benefits?

  • Gain mentorship experience while regularly meeting with your mentee peer
  • Get acclimated to college life and how to navigate UMass Lowell as a mentee
  • Optional 1:1 personalized check in’s with Office of Multicultural staff members
  • Queer Peers social gatherings beginning and end of the semester
  • Automatically join the LGBTQ+ Cohort and be invited to additionally events

Queer Peer Program Requirements

  • Attend at least two University Sponsored Events or LGBTQ+ with your pairs
  • Attend first group meeting
  • Regularly meet with your peer
  • Send bi-weekly check-in report

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Any questions can be emailed to