The UMass Lowell DC-CAP Scholars program supports students who were involved in the DC-CAP program in high school.

The UMass Lowell DC-CAP Scholars program welcomes and supports students who were part of the DC-CAP program at their Washington, D.C., area high school. The program’s mission is to offer guidance, support and a welcoming community for DC-CAP members as they begin their UMass Lowell careers and prepare for life after graduation. 

DC-CAP scholars must file a FAFSA annually, obtain and maintain FERPA authorization and remain in good academic standing.

Three DC CAP students posing in front of the sunset. The UMass Lowell DC-CAP Scholars program supports students who were involved in the DC-CAP program in high school.

Benefits of DC-CAP at UMass Lowell

  • Living-Learning Community
  • Early move-in
  • Early course registration
  • Dedicated staff exclusive to the program
  • Faculty mentorship

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by the scholarship?

  • The scholarship covers tuition, room, and meals.
  • For more information on additional fees and expenses visit the undergraduate tuition page.

Will the student have academic support?

Where will the students be living?

  • All students will be living in our Residence Halls. Students seeking housing are required to sign a full-year housing contract.
  • For more info about housing, visit Residence Life.

Will the students be able to select their roommate(s)?

  • All students may fill out a roommate matching profile. This will allow students to see who has similar expectations of a roommate and allows students to get to know someone and find the most compatible match. The Online Housing Portal also allows students to specifically select who they wish to live with by entering a student's Entry ID number, name or the first part of their student email address.  
  • For more info, visit roommate matching.

What is the health insurance policy for the year?

  • Massachusetts State Law requires that all college students be enrolled in a health insurance program that meets required benefits established by the state. All matriculating, undergraduate students, regardless of credit hours; and all matriculating, graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours are eligible and will be charged for health insurance. 
  • For more info, visit university health plans.
  • Students who have comparable coverage, may select to waive the university student health insurance plan. The tentative date for Fall 2020 student billing is July 24. The waiver option will end on October 9, 2020 for the fall semester; and March 12, 2021 for the spring semester. Information on waiving or enrolling in the university health plan may be found on Waive/Enroll page in the The Solution Center.

When is orientation?

We have transitioned our First-Year Student Orientation and Transfer Registration sessions to a completely virtual platform for our May-August programs to ensure the well-being of you, our current students and our campus partners. 
Through this virtual experience, we will ensure that you connect with an academic advisor, become familiar with our campus, secure your classes for the fall semester and feel confident about your choice to become a River Hawk! 
Sign Up Online For Virtual Orientation
For more information please email Isle Bellido Richards at


Steve Espinoza Diaz

Steve Espinoza Diaz - Physics

“Being a part of the UML DC-CAP Program has helped me recognize and appreciate the various opportunities that are available for students like me to grow and develop in an academic setting. Not only has it has opened me up to possibilities that I once doubted were within my reach, but it has also helped me in better understanding what it means to be in the position of privilege that I am in and how to make the most of my experience.

"Throughout the program, I have been able to connect with and be part of a community that is full of support and determination. It is always comforting to know that I would not have to navigate through college life without support from peers, advisors, and various other members of the UML community that I meet along the journey. I am able to focus my time and energy on work that is meaningful to me and I am extremely grateful for that.”

Kevin Akers

Kevin Akers - Mechanical Engineering

“The DC-CAP program isn’t just a scholarship, it’s a family. There aren’t many students from the DMV at UMASS so we represent the whole city. It’s not a check for school, it’s an invitation to a group of people who support and look out for each other. 

"DC-CAP is Sunday Dinners where we cooked gourmet Popeyes chicken sandwiches. DC-CAP for me was getting checked on by Ms. Francine when I needed to check on myself. 

"This isn’t just a scholarship. DC-CAP is a pathway to success and it is an uphill battle. A battle fought side by side with students from our city.”

Kayla Rowles

Kayla Rowles - Business Administration (Marketing)

"As I was finishing my senior year in high school, I was still weighing my options in what college I would attend. I struggled between financial aid, location, size of the school, and much more. But, after my DC-CAP advisor brought UMASS Lowell to my attention, I had made my decision. Being a student of the DC-CAP UMass Lowell program has brought me an abundance of opportunities, privileges, and even courtside tickets to UML basketball games. 

"One of those being the amount of support I receive academically and personally from our advisor, Francine Coston, and my 19 cohort peers. With this support I was able to make a smooth transition from high school to college while being miles away from home. With this I have made a family I can rely on for anything. I am looking forward to the years and memories that I await with the DC CAP UMass Lowell program.”

Tiana Robinson - Civil Engineering

"Hi, my name is Tiana Robinson. I’ve lived in Washington D.C. my entire life. At an early age, I always wanted to be a civil engineer. I decided the best way to achieve my aspiration for civil engineering was to attend a STEM driven universities. 

"I chose to attend University of Massachusetts Lowell because the university was a great fit for me in terms of education, career path opportunities, and social club activities that help me connect with other students and faculty members on campus. I am currently majoring in civil engineering and next semester I plan on minoring in business administration. 

"My goal at UMass Lowell is to obtain a master’s degree in civil engineering, obtain the required certification for civil engineering, and eventually start my own construction company in the future. While at UMass Lowell, I’ve joined many civil engineering clubs that focus on bridge construction, transportation related projects, and urban planning. Also, I had the opportunity to join the club basketball team. Furthermore, UMass Lowell offers co-op internships for students who are interested in working with company related to your major. I would encourage any student who is interested in attending UMass Lowell because the university offers multiple degree paths, a variety of clubs and organizations. The school provides opportunities to connect with other students who have similar interests as you, and provides help from faculty members ranging from academic related issues to help with future career paths and internships."

Olga Tines is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Manning School of Business at UMass Lowell.

Olga Tines - Assistant Teaching Professor, Management

"From Day 1 of the orientation, I could sense there was something special about this group of students. They are very intelligent intellectually and emotionally.

They are eager to learn and open to walking across the bridges the find on their path.

Francine, Christian and others have done a great job of turning them into a 'cohort' where there is a feeling of connection and community within the group versus a 'clique.'

"When I run across them, they take time to speak and have a quick chat. I wish there were more opportunities like this one for students of color, particularly African Americans from the greater Boston "inner city" community."

Ralph Jordan is a Assistant Teaching Professor in the Manning School of Business  Management Dept. at UMass Lowell.

Ralph Jordan - Assistant Teaching Professor, Management

"This DC-CAP venture affords the program and UML with a tremendous opportunity to make good things happen for some very deserving participants. The students involved are bright and eager to learn - a joy to work with as a group and to get to know as individuals. 

"The DC program support staff is experienced and accomplished, and UML with its array of supportive services; committed to student success as a core value."

Contact Information

To learn more about the DC-CAP Scholars Program, please contact:

Phone: 978-934-4336