The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is uniquely positioned as a hub and a resource that serves students, staff, and faculty from underrepresented backgrounds, while leading diversity related efforts for the campus community. OMA's three-tiered model is grounded in:

  • Support & Advocacy: individualized support on personal, academic, and professional goals & advocacy in culturally affirming ways.
  • Education & Awareness: safe spaces and opportunities for dialogue, education, and awareness building that gives voice to all our identities and challenges our traditional ways of thinking and knowing
  • Community Building: meaningful partnerships and collaborations that build upon and nurture a caring and inclusive community through service learning initiatives, leadership, knowledge-sharing and dialogue opportunities


The Mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to create an inclusive campus community that promotes social justice and diversity. We serve and support all members of our community, particularly individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Using a student-centered approach, our office strives to create change and transformation through programming, initiatives and personalized support.


OMA's core service is providing holistic support and advocacy to students utilizing a cross-cultural competency framework. We have a commitment towards advancing social justice and community empowerment, as well as assisting in the development of a campus inclusive of all students, staff, and faculty. We focus on:

  • Support, advising, coaching, and advocacy on a variety of topics, needs, and concerns, from personal and cultural to academic and financial
  • Student development related topics
  • Campus connections for students, faculty, staff, and organizations
  • Community building and partnerships across campus to facilitate an inclusive campus culture

Members of the community will:

  • Become change agents who strive for creating and equitable and inclusive environment
  • Engage in programs, services and initiatives that offer social justice and diversity learning opportunities
  • Develop multicultural awareness in preparation to be global thinkers
  • Participate in social entrepreneurship and civic engagement to be leaders in their community
  • Experience support, mentorship and resources from our office
  • Receive academic, professional and personal support