Find Funding with GrantForward

GrantForward Overview

UMass Lowell subscribes to GrantForward, a search engine dedicated to helping institutions and individuals find grants to fund their research.

Access GrantForward using this Single Sign-On URL and entering your UMass Lowell credentials.

  • GrantForward covers more than 20,000 sponsors worldwide to provide a comprehensive database of more than 83,000 funding opportunities.
  • GrantForward’s powerful search system includes advanced search filters and specialized search features.
  • GrantForward researcher profiles allow researchers to highlight their research achievements and interests to receive personalized grant recommendations that match their research needs.
  • All UMass Lowell faculty, staff, and students have access to GrantForward.

Customize Your Researcher Profile

GrantForward Tutorial: How Can I Create a Good Researcher Profile?
For most UMass Lowell faculty and research staff, your GrantForward profile has been pre-populated with your research interests and publications. To customize your personalized grant recommendations, please review and update your research interests and publications in your GrantForward researcher profile.
To view your pre-generated profile, log into GrantForward and under the Researchers tab, select “My Profile”. You may edit your profile by navigating under the Researchers tab to “Edit My Profile”.
If your profile has not been pre-populated, log into GrantForward and under the Researchers tab, select “Create Profile”.  See video tutorial on how to create your own profile.

Guides and Tutorials

GrantForward's Researcher Quick Guide (pdf) provides a short summary of how to use the database’s most popular features, with more in-depth information included in the Researcher Welcome Guide (pdf).

GrantForward also offers UMass Lowell (UML) specific trainings throughout the year. ORD will share these opportunities as they are scheduled. In the meantime, please view the recording of the most recent UML GrantForward training session.

Access other helpful GrantForward guides and video tutorials:

ProcessPDF GuideVideo Tutorial
Create customized searches for grant opportunities. Search GrantForward’s database of funding opportunities using keywords and filters.GrantForward database search (pdf)GrantForward database search video tutorial
Receive regular email alerts for funding opportunities based on your saved searches. Save your custom search criteria and receive updated results daily, weekly, or monthly.Funding opportunities email alerts (pdf)Funding opportunities email alerts video tutorial
Curate customized grant lists. Group funding opportunities of interest into custom lists.Curate customized grant lists (pdf)Curate customized grant lists video tutorial
Search pre-solicitations to get a heads up on grants soon to be announced. This feature provides notification of funding opportunities soon to be released (e.g., NSF Dear Colleague Letters).Pre-solicitations search (pdf)Pre-solicitations search video tutorial
Receive personalized grant recommendations. GrantForward can suggest funding opportunities based on your research profile and keywords and send you email alerts on recommended grants daily, weekly, or monthly.Personalized grant recommendations (pdf)Personalized grant recommendations video tutorial
Search for previously awarded projects. Find which researchers and projects have been previously funded using keywords and filters.Search for previously awarded projects (pdf)Search for previously awarded projects video tutorial
Find potential collaborators by searching researchers by expertise. Search by keyword for other researchers internal or external to UMass Lowell.Search researchers by expertise (pdf)Search researchers by expertise video tutorial

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