One research thrust at RURI focuses on future technologies for radar and communication systems and could expand into other areas as needed. The institute leverages UMass Lowell’s strengths in printed electronics and nanotechnology that align with Raytheon’s strategic technology needs including high-frequency printed conformal antennas, carbon-based transistors and photonic devices. 

The RURI is located in the Mark and Elisia Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center, an $80 million, 84,000-square-foot research facility on the UMass Lowell campus that is home to cutting-edge research in a variety of science and engineering disciplines. The center – one of nine new buildings opened by the university since 2009 – was constructed to provide not only UMass Lowell faculty and students with the most advanced research facility of its kind north of Boston, but to also support collaboration with businesses from startups to world leaders like Raytheon.

The building’s fourth floor is specially equipped to house the institute, which will be co-directed by Daniel Hines, Ph.D., of Raytheon and UMass Lowell professor, Alkim Akyurtlu, Ph.D., a faculty member in electrical and computer engineering in the university’s Francis College of Engineering.