The mission of the Printed Electronics Research Collaborative (PERC) is to establish strategic partnerships between industry (large, medium, and small companies), universities and government that contribute to development of a printed electronics ecosystem. PERC research will develop technologies relevant to the entire supply chain - from enabling materials up through system applications. PERC will establish working research relationship between its members that pre-positions a team for pursuit of large federal funding opportunities.

This unique Center pre-positions UMass Lowell and regional companies to compete for large, federal grants

Why Develop PERC? These are just some of the reasons:

  • Establish interdisciplinary team to develop enabling technology
    • Pre-positioning a team for larger federal funding opportunities in PE
  • Organize key elements of the Printed Electronics supply chain
    • Materials, Processing Equipment, Components, Subsystems & Systems
    • “Best of the Breed” organizations
  • Provide a source for regional economic growth and workforce development
  • Leverage Support from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    • Mass Tech Collaborative (MTC) funding ($4M)
  • Impact Other Industry Clusters in long term
    • Consumer Electronics, Health, Logistics, Energy