PERC Research Graphic

The core mission of PERC is to develop new devices and subsystems that provide electromagnetic, electronic and photonic functionality using Additive Manufacturing and Printed Electronics approaches. Building strategic partnerships between the University, Industry and Government, research is directed at solving today's challenges with innovative, flexible and conformal solutions.

Projects employ an array of additive technologies and novel approaches to print active and passive devices on nonstandard 2D and 3D materials.

Conformal Radar Sensors using Printed Ink Technologies

Research is focused on materials, form factors and processes to develop innovative solutions. Research themes include:

  • Additive Manufacturing for Technology protections
    • Trusted Microelectronics
    • Anti-Tamper
    • Authentication
  • Advanced Materials
  • Antenna Characterization
  • Bare Die Integration
    • System On Substrates (SOS)
    • Substrate Integrated Circuits (SIC)
  • Chip Integration
  • Computational Modeling and Simulations
  • Dielectric measurements
    • Free space method
    • Waveguide method
    • Inhouse printed co-planer waveguide method
    • Inhouse printed concentric cylindrical capacitor method
  • Functional Ink Development
    • Ferroelectric Inks for Printed Variable Capacitors
    • UV Curable Dielectric Inks
    • Ag-BST Convertible Ink
    • Conductive Nanoparticle Inks
    • NIR transparent inks
    • LWIR reflective inks
    • Semiconductor inks
  • Metamaterials
    • Flexible surfaces for RF Applications
    • Fabric-based Metasurfaces
    • Optical and IR Metasurfaces
    • Flexible metasurfaces
    • Magnetic metasurfaces
  • Targeted Ink Development for Additive Manufacturing Processes
    • Silver Nanoparticle and Reactive Inks
  • Thin Film Devices
    • MIM Diodes
  • 3D Printed Antenna Arrays
  • Printed Chip Interconnects
  • Printed E-Textiles for Wearable Electronics
    • RF Metasurfaces on Textiles
  • Printed RFID Tags
  • Printed RF and Hybrid Connectors
  • Printed Tunable Metamaterials