Weapons of Mass Destruction

In addition to the graduate and undergraduate courses on Weapons of Mass Destruction that our faculty teach within the School of Criminology and Justice Studies, our faculty conduct research.

The Center also partners with the Integrated Nuclear Security and Safeguards Laboratory at UMass Lowell which works to solve problems related to nuclear security and safeguards.

Subject Matter Experts

Research Programs

James Forest, Ph.D. has researched the relationships between terrorist organizations and nuclear security. This research focuses on terrorist organizations and the theories of constraint explaining why so few terrorist organizations have attempted to utilize weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Factors, both positive and negative, can influence terrorist organizations decisions, and changes in practical and strategic constraints can change the WMD threat. Governments also have the ability to influence terrorist decision-making in efforts to impact the WMD terrorist threat. 

Forest, James J. F. "A Framework for Analyzing the Future Threat of WMD Terrorism Journal of Strategic Security" 5(4), pp. 51-68.

Additional Publications

  • Forest, James J.F. and Sukesh Aghara “Behavioral Patterns among Violent Non-State Actors: A Study of Complementary Governance National Defense Review Quarterly Nacao e Defesa," published in English and Portuguese by the National Defense Academy, Portugal), no. 140 (July), p. 103-117.
  • Forest, James J.F. and Russell Howard (eds.) "Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism" (2nd Edition). New York: McGraw-Hill. 821 pages. ISBN