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"Perspectives on Terrorism" is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes six issues per year. All articles and issues are made available to readers worldwide as a free resource for students and researchers, security professionals, and the general public. Recent special issues of the journal have covered topics such as Terrorist Group Decision-Making, Terrorism in Africa, Financing Terrorism, the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and Right-Wing Extremism in Europe and North America. As of 2017, all issues of the journal are hosted online at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands.

With nearly 8,000 e-mail subscribers and 10,000 monthly visitors to the journal's website, it has become the most widely-read academic journal in the field. For more information on the journal, please contact Co-Editor, James Forest by email:

To submit a manuscript for the peer review process and consideration for publishing in a future issue of Perspectives on Terrorism, please read the Author's Guidelines.