Alumni Research Affiliates are investigators who were former student research assistants with CPH-NEW during their graduate studies and who have a continued interest in contributing to the mission of CPH-NEW upon graduation. Collaboration of Alumni Research Affiliates may take the form of continued involvement in an ongoing research project(s), co-authorship of manuscripts with CPH-NEW investigators, consultation and idea generation for future research projects and grant writing, and/or contributions to educational and outreach activities. Alumni Research Affiliates have access to CPH-NEW instruments and other materials and may participate in Center meetings and research retreats.

Current CPH-NEW Alumni Affiliates and their research interests:

  • Katrina Burch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Western Kentucky University. Katrina's interests revolve around understanding the work-life interface, primarily as it relates to the spillover of workplace experiences and attitudes into the commute; and understanding the psychosocial and health impacts of providing informal eldercare.
  • Winnie Chin, Sc.D., MS, Usability Specialist, Hardware Industrial Design, Amazon Lab126. Winnie‚Äôs research interests include human factors and user experience in product design, occupational ergonomics, and health promotion.
  • Rajashree Kotejoshyer, Sc.D., MS, Clinical Research Manager, Baystate Medical. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, UCONN Health. Raj's research interests include occupational ergonomics; musculoskeletal epidemiology; workplace injury; and health promotion.
  • Jin Lee, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Kansas State University. Jin's research interests include occupational health psychology; safety climate; macro-ergonomics; and quantitative research methods.
  • Sara Namazi, Ph.D., MS, Assistant Professor of Gerontology & Health Sciences, Springfield College. Sara's research interests cover the corrections workforce; participatory action research; and the aging workforce.
  • Zandra Zweber, Ph.D., Sr. Manager Advanced Analytics Human Capital Insights, Medtronic. Zandra's research interests include workplace climate; employee engagement; and organizational health.