The specific key research activities of the CMINDS include, but are not limited to:

  1. Parallel, Distributed Processing and Networks
  2. High Performance Computing Systems and applications
  3. Digital (DSP) and Optical Signal Processing including Speech, Video, Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision,Document Processing, and Medical Imaging with applications including Home Land Security and Bio-Engineering. 
  4. MEMS and Computational Modeling for Nanotechnology Applications.
  5. DNA Computational Processing and Analysis.
  6. High-speed Networks/Networking. The topics covered in this area range from optical network node architectures and switching/routing technologies to future high speed mobile and wireless networking/networks to support anywhere/anytime multimedia communication.
  7. Artificial Intelligence methods, Advanced Robotics, Machine Learning, and Knowledge-Based Systems
  8. Remote Sensing and large Data Compression and related applications.
  9. Knowledge and Data Engineering tools and techniques.
  10. Embedded Real-Time Systems, Systems Architecture and FPGAs.
  11. Storage Area Networks and algorithms for Data and Knowledge Management.
  12. Integrity, Security and Fault-Tolerant Systems.
  13. Time Delay and Non-Uniform Multi-Link Weight Stability Analysis of Multi-agent and Interconnected Complex Dynamical Systems with applications including wired or wireless network/communication systems, distributed systems, power system distribution, autonomous agents.

Ongoing Research Projects and Results