Associated Faculty

  • Prof. Dalila B. Megherbi, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Prof. Kanti Prasad, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Prof. Lu Xuejun, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Prof. Ioannis Raptis, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • Prof. Juliette Rooney-Verga, Ph.D., Biological Sciences
  • Prof. Jessica Garb, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Associated  External Collaborators

  • Prof. Ana-Maria Cretu, Department d’Information et d’Ingenierie, University du Quebec, Canada
  • Dr. George Evans
  • Dr. Richard Williams
  • Dr. Corey Dickens Center for Applied and Advanced Research Technology
  • Prof Giuseppe (Tony) Sena
  • Nick Nagel, Ph.D., Charles River Analytics Inc./Putnam Inc.
  • Piali De,  Ph.D., Raytheon/sensciosystems, MA
  • Norbert Kaula, Ph.D., Greatbatch Medical, CO
  • Phillips Epps, Xilinx Co, CA
  • David Kallilea, SUN/HP, MA
  • John Thomas, Ph.D., MIT, MA
  • Yohannes Iyassu, Ph.D., Greatbatch Medical, CO
  • Hanni Al-Dayaa, Ph.D., Motorola, MA
  • Carlos Bejar, Ph.D., Motorola, MA
  • Robert Luisser, Growtech, MA
  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • US National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • CMINDS is a member of an international research group-project lead by the FDA.

Other CMINDS Associated Personnel

  • Helal Saghir, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Analytics, RNA-seq Metagenomics)
  • Kim Minsuk, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Distributed Machine Learning, Intelligent Multi-agent Systems, Homeland Security)
  • Elasri Younes,  Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering (Radar Data analytics and Processing)
  • Julie Blumenthal, Ph.D. student, Computer Science (Bio-imaging, Signal processing, Analytics and Machine Learning to plant disease prediction)
  • Thomas Calloway, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence)
  • Yaloling Hu, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (3D Vision and Object Recognition)
  • Guillermo Alonso, Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering (Distributed “Big Data” Image Automatic Annotation and Retrieval)
  • Haixin  Hu, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Distributed Networked Intelligent Multi-agent Systems)
  • Iman Vakil, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (3D Image Fusion (Air Force Research Lab))
  • Othmane Habboule, Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering (Machine Vision, Image Security).
  • Amenda Thomas, MS thesis student, Computer Engineering (Biometrics, Image Face Recognition)
  • Avantikha Gauyal, MS thesis, Computer Engineering (Distributed Big Data Retrieval)
  • Paul Beaulieu, MS thesis, Computer Engineering (Image Object recognition)
  • Illian Voynichka, MS thesis, Computer Engineering (Biometrics, Facial Recognition)
  • Brian Soper, MS thesis, Computer Engineering (Machine Learning with Bio-Medical, Bio-Medicine Applications).
  • John DiZoglio, UG, BS, Computer Engineering (Image Processing, Data Analysis)

International Research Collaboration with International Constituency Outside UMass Lowell

In line with the center mission and UMass Lowell mission, CMINDS has a strong active collaborative research at a national and international level via active participation to a national and international project lead by the US FDA, and to increase the visibility of the CMINDS center research and UMass Lowell nationally and internationally. The international collaborative project and the international group involves six FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Centers, major biotechnology companies, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), national and international academic laboratories, and other stakeholders. This international collaborative research group effort is centered on the development and evaluation of genomics RNA-seq and micro-arrays biomarkers for personalized medicine. This large effort involves approximately 161 federal agencies and national and international organizations, 200 research scientist/engineer/clinician participants from 10 countries, including individual scientists/engineers/clinicians from government, academia and private.