General Description

CMINDS was founded in May 2001, with Industry and NSF seed research grant funding, with far-reaching and cutting edge interdisciplinary research activities to attract high-quality graduate students and researchers, and to advance Computer Engineering technologies to support the relatively newly developed Computer Engineering programs at UMass Lowell. It is currently comprised of more than 30 faculty, staff, research & industry affiliates, and graduate and undergraduate students. It includes faculty from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biological Science, as well as national federal agencies, international organizations, and corporate representatives in computer and high-tech areas. CMINDS is located in Ball 434 on One University Avenue, Lowell, MA.

Some Objectives and Motivations

Data driven knowledge extraction and discovery, Machine/Human Computational Intelligence as well as advanced analytics are fundamental to homeland security/military applications, heterogeneous sensing, situational awareness, and in life science applications. The main challenges ahead reside in new technologies, analytics, and methodologies for managing, sharing, accessing, and analyzing large data (“big data”) exacerbated by the increasingly larger  amounts of generated data as well as the development of new algorithms to deal, manage, extract knowledge of, and integrate such unprecedented large heterogeneous data, coming from different and sometimes heterogeneous sources. CMINDS has made and continues to make several pioneering breakthroughs in this regard, with various domains of applications.