The 2015 IEEE Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security

UMass Lowell Image
Prof. Megherbi with Imran Vakil and  Iliana Voynichka


Prof. Megherbi and three of her graduate students, Ph.D student Helal Saghir, Ph.D student Imran Vakil, and  MS thesis student Iliana Voynichka presented their research findings work in Big Data biology-based predictive models for Weapons of Mass Destruction Events Applications, Efficient Multi-Stage Hyper-Spectral Aerial image Registration Technique for Critical Infrastructures & Key Resources (CIKR) Surveillance and Analysis of the Effects of Image Multi-channel Color on Face Recognition Accuracy,  at 2015 IEEE Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security, in April 2015, Their research fields work matches the Department of Homeland Security’s new visionary goals for Science and Technology,