Steven Snay is the Director of Radiation Safety, Adjunct Faculty in the department of Physics & Applied Physics at UMass Lowell.

Steven P. Snay, Ph.D., CHP

Director of Radiation Safety, Adjunct Faculty

Pinanski 103A


Radiation and laser safety; DOT/IATA shipping of radioactive material; dose assessment, regulations, instrumentation and source calibration.

Research Interests

Radiation detection techniques, Radiation and laser safety online applications and business streamlining, Laser induced ionizing radiation


Doctor of Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, UMass Lowell (2018)
Masters of Science, Radiological Sciences and Protection, UMass Lowell (2007) 
Baccalaureate in Physics with a Radiological Health Physics Option, UMass Lowell (2005) 
Associate in Nuclear Engineering, Three Rivers Community College TRCC (2003)


Steve Snay, Ph.D., Director of Radiation Safety, is responsible for the oversight of the campus ionizing and non-ionizing radiation safety program including ionizing radiation (sealed and unsealed sources), lasers, magnets, ultra-violet, and radio-frequency sources.

Steve is a board Certified Health Physicist (CHP) by the American Academy of Health Physics. With his expertise, he leads the campus radiation safety program but also mentors students as the Radiological Sciences Internship Coordinator as well as Adjunct Faculty in Physics since 2007. He reaches the professional community by hosting radiological events and trainings for organizations such as FBI, state police, local law enforcement, Army, Civil Support Team, Fire Fighters, Hazmat response teams, and local Health Physicists. Steve has served as President of the New England Chapter of the Health Physics Society as well as a board member. 

Health Physics is the understanding of radiation and how it effects biology and our ecosystem. The rather ambiguously named profession was aptly named to be covert during the times of the Manhattan project and the creation of the atomic bomb. Having mentored over 60 students, now professional HP’s, Steve’s commitment to the university is to provide a safety structure and program that molds the future of the profession. 

Steve is a proud father and husband, an avid kayaker, skier, mountain biker and hiker.