What is Operation Identification?

Operation ID is a program designed to discourage burglary and the theft of valuable property from your home, apartment or dorm room. The program provides a way for you and law enforcement officers to easily identify ownership of stolen property. The program allows you to work with law enforcement to make UMass Lowell a safer place.

With Operation ID, you permanently engrave your Massachusetts driver’s license number on items of value to assist in tracing them should they ever be lost or stolen. Your Massachusetts driver’s license number creates a permanent file for you that is not re-issued to anyone else. In the event that you do not have a driver’s license in Massachusetts, the UMass Lowell Police Department will create a unique number, especially for your use, to be kept in department records.

Why Should I Participate in Operation ID?

Property is usually stolen so that it can be turned in for quick cash, and is often taken to pawn shops or even sold on the Internet. A stolen item has a low market value to begin with, engraving your number on an item makes an item almost worthless to a thief. By properly engraving your property, you discourage people from buying a marked item and increase the odds that a thief will be convicted if caught with engraved property. Additionally, if a thief knows that your property is engraved, he or she may be more likely to move on to where the property cannot be easily traced. Unless your property is engraved, has been photographed or you have records of serial numbers, it is unlikely that the property can be returned to you, or a thief prosecuted for the crime.

What Should I Engrave?

Engrave items that can be stolen easily and turned into cash. This includes tools, computer equipment, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, gaming systems, phones, cameras, musical instruments and other high-ticket items. DO NOT engrave jewelry, antiques, silver, artwork, coins and family heirlooms. These items should be photographed only.

For additional information regarding this program or to schedule an appointment, contact Officer Jeff Connors by email at: jeffrey_connors@uml.edu or Officer Bill Emmons by email at: william_emmons@uml..edu.