The UMass Lowell Police Department takes a proactive and community-oriented approach to crime prevention. Our outreach and crime prevention programs help officers build relationships with the people who live and work on campus. Because they are well integrated into campus life, officers are able to identify problems and concerns before they become crises. In the past several years, the University Police has worked to increase the visibility and accessibility of our officers, which helps prevent criminal activity. The development of our Patrol Division (T-3, bicycle and walking patrols) has been crucial in these efforts.
A high priority for the Police Department is to make the campus a place where students, faculty and staff can move about with a sense of safety. We achieve this by maintaining a very well-lit campus, placing security cameras in residence halls and EMERGENCY phones throughout campus, and operating a nightly transportation service. 
The campus community must work together with police by staying alert, paying attention to your surroundings, taking precautions, watching out for friends (and your own safety) and reporting any suspicious or unusual behavior to security or police.