Outreach is at the core of the UMass Lowell community policing initiative. We offer several programs designed to encourage community involvement, cooperation and communication. Coordinating these programs are Campus Resource Officers Jeff Connors and Bill Emmons. Our Campus Resource Officers conduct residence hall talks and security surveys, and initiate crime prevention and awareness efforts such as Operation ID, Impairment Goggles and R.A.D. programs. The University community has embraced these programs, which have helped members become more aware of their personal security and that of their property. If you are interested in an existing Community Outreach Program, please contact us by email: police@uml.edu, or contact Officer Connors directly by phone at: 978-934-2192.

All new students and staff members participate in crime prevention and safety awareness programs when they enter the University community. During New Student Orientation, students and parents learn about crime on campus and in surrounding neighborhoods, as well the resources the University Police Department offers. New employees are offered similar information during their orientations. We also offer crime prevention programs and sexual assault prevention programs on a continual basis, as well as sessions on theft, personal safety and residence hall security. The UMass Lowell Police Department also provides information to students and employees through crime prevention awareness packets, security alert posters, displays, videos and articles in student newspapers.