There are three divisions within the UMass Lowell Police Department. There is the Patrol Division, the Administrative Division and the Support/Operations Division.

Patrol Division

Many of our officers serve in specialized patrol sections, including T-3, bicycle patrol and foot patrol. These sections allow officers to get around campus easily and efficiently, as well as out of their cars interacting with students and staff. Officers receive specialized training for each section.

The following units are instrumental in maintaining a safe campus.


Members of the UMass Lowell Police Department are trained and certified to operate this energy efficient three-wheel patrol vehicle. This vehicle is not only an essential tool, but an economical one, as it is powered by electricity. The UMass Lowell Police Department T-3 Patrol enhances our proactive approach to law enforcement and service to the community. T-3 officers are much more visible and approachable, which enhances our community policing philosophy.


Bicycle Patrol

All members of the bicycle patrol attend COBWEB (Cops on Bikes With Education for Bicyclists) training prior to patrolling on their mountain bikes. The UMass Lowell Police Department Bicycle Patrol enhances our proactive approach to law enforcement and service to the community. Bike officers are much more visible to students and staff and their mobility allows for quick response times.

Administrative Division

Community Resources Section

The UMass Lowell Police Department takes a proactive and community-oriented approach to crime prevention. Our outreach and crime prevention programs help officers build relationships with the people who live and work on campus. Because they are well integrated into campus life, officers are able to identify problems and concerns before they become crises. In the past several years, the UMass Lowell Police Department has worked to increase the visibility and accessibility of our officers, which helps prevent criminal activity.

Outreach is the backbone of the UMass Lowell Police Department community policing initiative, and we offer several programs designed to foster community involvement, cooperation and communication. Coordinating these programs are Community Resource Officers Jeff Connors and Officer Bill Emmons. Our Community Resource Officers conduct residence hall talks and security surveys, and initiate crime prevention and awareness efforts such as 360 Stay Safe, Impairment Goggles and R.A.D. programs. The campus community has embraced these programs, which have helped members of the community become more aware of their personal security as well as that of their property.

Criminal Investigative Section

As with any community of similar size, criminal activity and emergencies do occur on campus. Although crime occurs in every community, the University has been fortunate to have few reported serious crimes. The University makes every attempt to be proactive and to prevent such incidents.

The UMass Lowell Police Department's Investigative Section has responsibilities which include the investigation of criminal and civil complaints and assistance and support of victims of criminal behavior. The section also serves as the liaison with outside agencies.

The UMass Lowell Police Department's Legal Section has the responsibility of processing cases through the court system. This includes submitting paperwork for arrests and summonses and tracking the cases through to disposition. Responsibilities include acting as the department’s representative for show cause hearings, motor vehicle appeals, arraignments, pre-trial hearings, motions and trials. This section is also responsible for fulfilling discovery requests, tracking evidence for court and destruction, and serving summonses, as well as assisting victims with support services such as restitution hearings and restraining orders.

Support/Operations Division

Support-OppsThe UMass Lowell Police Department’s Support/Operations Division is comprised of our dispatchers and campus security officers. 
The UMass Lowell Police Department has a fully staffed communications center with dispatchers trained in answering 911 calls, monitoring closed circuit televisions and alarms within the University’s buildings and surrounding properties, as well as answering day-to-day questions from the public. Other duties include taking both emergency and non-emergency calls to the police department, dispatching officers to calls and assisting members of the University community.
The UMass Lowell Police Department campus security officers work in partnership with the Residence Life staff to ensure that our 13 residence halls are safe places to live. Campus security officers staff the residence halls from 10:30 p.m. until 6:30 a.m.