Zipcar is an on-campus, on-demand car rental service that lets you use cars when you need them by the hour or by the day, with the price of gas and insurance included. Need to make a trip to the grocery store or want to get away for a weekend with friends? 

Zipcar is the perfect solution. The cars are located on campus and can be unlocked with a membership card after making a reservation online or on your smart phone. They are available to everyone 18 or older, including international students. It can take up to three business days to a week to have your account approved, so apply in advance at

Zipcar Locations 

  • East Campus Garage (5 cars)
  • North Campus Garage (2 cars)
  • South Campus Garage (3 cars)

As a Member You Get

  • Discounted hourly rates for UMass Lowell faculty, staff, and students age 18 and older.
  • International students can join too.
  • Access to Zipcars is 24/7.
  • Gas, insurance, and maintenance are included in the price!
  • Join today at zipcar.