Walking around campus is one of the best ways to soak in the history, nature, and community that are integral to our campus. Plus, it is a fantastic way to get some fresh air, get the blood pumping, and see friends along the way!

Sidewalk routes connect every part of campus, providing a scenic, healthy, and sustainable way of travel around Lowell for faculty, staff, and students. Want to explore the UMass Lowell Arboretum and pollinator gardens located throughout campus? Want to exercise on your way to class? Want to learn more about the history of the City of Lowell and UMass Lowell? What if you could do all these activities simultaneously?

Walk the UMass Lowell Sustainability Trails on North, East, and South Campus and see why UMass Lowell has been rated the #1 university in Massachusetts for sustainability!

  • North Campus Trail: Approximately 0.75 miles; 20 minutes
  • East Campus Trail: Approximately 1.6 miles; 45 minutes
  • South Campus Trail: Approximately 0.8 miles; 25 minutes

There is much to learn about and appreciate on campus. The UMass Lowell Sustainability Trails on North, East, and South Campus highlight the robust interdisciplinary approach to sustainability undertaken by UMass Lowell, the City of Lowell, and members of the surrounding communities. Explore the natural enclaves in the dense urban environment of Lowell, such as the UMass Lowell Arboretum, the several pollinator gardens located throughout campus, the Merrimack River, and the parks located just a short distance from campus. While admiring the natural features in and around campus, be sure to take note of how the built environment of UMass Lowell extends the University's commitment to sustainability. See how the historic UMass Lowell buildings have been designed to merge with state-of-the-art renewable energy labs, include agricultural production in the pair of rooftop gardens on campus, and how they have and will be reimagined to align with the University's efforts to achieve its carbon reduction goals by 2050.

The Sustainability Trail is a collaboration between the Rist Institute for Sustainability & Energy and Lowell City of Learning.

This project was developed with funding from the following organizations: