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Center for Community Research and Engagement

Deeply engaged in issues affecting the well-being of people in the Greater Lowell area of Massachusetts
Over the past 30 years, the Center for Community Research and Engagement (CCRE) at UMass Lowell has developed expertise, approaches to building strength in communities and engagement in collaborative community problem-solving around pressing issues. Based on a shared vision and plan with community partners, the CCRE provides opportunities for scholars and students to learn and build knowledge, facilitate needed change, and take lessons learned to other communities. 

Areas of work have encompassed and currently include:

• Public health – including environmental triggers for health conditions such as asthma, drug addiction mediation and prevention and workplace health
• Equal access to education and housing; planning and support for the transition for immigrant-children in the school system
• Crime prevention strategies, especially gang violence
• Affordable housing - overview and analysis of the dynamics of the industry and housing quality
• Community needs assessments, both design and implementation
• Facilitation of partnerships including coaching regarding collaborative decision-making with the community and between stakeholders and university allies
• Learning opportunities for students in both research and practice.