How will I know when my package is ready for pick-up?

Your mail/package is not available for pick up simply because you received a notification from the carrier (Amazon, UPS, FED-X & USPS, etc.).  
We ask that you wait until you receive an email from in your student email account before coming to the mailroom to get your parcel/package.
This practice will maintain the process of package receipt is done in an efficient and accurate manner.

How long will the mailroom retain my mail/package before returning?

You have seven calendar days (one week) from the time you received the email from student mail to collect your mail/package. After 14 calendar days of receipt, unclaimed mail/packages will be Returned to Sender. For special circumstances, arrangements may be made for additional holding, subject to approval.

When receiving mail/packages what is the proper addressing format?

Please use your legal name, as registered with the university, for mail/package addressing.
Proper addressing matters. Nicknames or alternative/preferred names delay package processing and can lead to packages inadvertently being Returned to Sender.  

What is the procedure for students outgoing mail?

Students may drop-off pre-paid mail and packages at any of the campus mailrooms.

Can I have a friend, roommate or a family member pick up my mail/package?

Students are required to send an email to in advance to have a friend, roommate or family member pick up a mail/package. Once notification is received by the mailroom pick-up is permitted, the individual must provide a valid university or government picture ID upon pickup. 
We ask that every effort be made to collect you mail/package in person, overuse or abuse of this procedure may result in suspension of the procedure.

How do I contact the Student Mailrooms?

You can email or call any of the Student Mail Centers:
  • Fox Hall:  978-934-2566
  • McGauvran: 978-934-2547
  • Inn & Conference Center (ICC): 978-934-6920