Specialty Items and Procedures

Furniture or Freight Items

Deliveries such as furniture, freight items, etc. may not be accepted without prior authorization of the student mail center staff. Please contact the Student Mail Center by email: Student_Mail@uml.edu to receive written authorization prior to sending large items.  Please note, that size and weight restriction may prevent some items being shipped to campus. 

Proxy pick up

Proxy pick up is prohibited without expressed written consent of the mail or package recipient. Residents students are required to send an email notification (using their UMass Lowell email) by email to: Student_Mail@uml.edu in advance to have a friend or family member pick up an article; proxy must provide ID when picking up the article.

Early Arriving Mail and Packages

Student Mail Centers will process mail for registered students seven days prior to moving into the residence hall. Packages received earlier than seven days prior to assigned move in dates may be returned to sender. 

Holding Mail and Packages

Residents should pick up packages and mail within two business days of being notified of delivery. Any package or mail not picked up within seven days of delivery may be sent back to sender without notice. 

Perishable Items

The Student Mail Center has limited ability to keep perishable items refrigerated. Students are asked to pick up perishable items immediately upon notification. UMass Lowell is not responsible for perishable items that are not picked up in a timely fashion. 


The Student Mail Center shall be informed prior to arrival of any delivery of medicines. UMass Lowell is not responsible for the security and proper storage of medicines. Medications are to be picked up immediately upon notification. 

UMass Lowell will not be responsible or liable for breakage of fragile objects, delays in delivery by the USPS, or other approved shipping carriers, illegal or unlawful contents or freshness of perishable material. Please do not mail cash, checks, gift cards or any other valuable items.

Mail and Package Restrictions

Hazards Materials

Absolutely no hazards materials can be shipped to campus address. Any hazard items will be returned to sender, this includes but not limited to, ammunition, chemicals and materials or items deemed hazards to the campus community.

Third Class Mail and Advertisements

Third Class Mail and Unsolicited Advertisements will not be processed or distributed by Student Mail Center staff.

Weight and Size Restrictions

Due to limited storage and handling, items weighing over 70 lbs. may not be accepted by staff and returned to sender. Large items such as beds, futons and furniture may also be returned to sender. Please contact the Student Mail Center if you have large items that need to be shipped to campus.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Student Mail Center will not accept packages containing alcohol, drug paraphernalia or drugs that are not permitted on campus. Packages containing such items may be forwarded to student conduct, campus police and/or returned to sender.


Weapons of any kind should not be sent via the Student Mail Centers. Any package knowingly or suspecting to containing weapons may be directed to student conduct, campus police and/or returned to sender.

Shipping/Mailing Items from Student Mail Centers

Campus residents may drop off pre-paid U.S. mail and parcels at any Student Mail Center service window or any mail receptacle located at various locations on the UMass Lowell campus. UMass Lowell Student Mail Centers will not be responsible for lost or damaged items once the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL takes receipt of your item being mailed.

Student Mail Centers will provide students with USPS, FedEx, UPS boxes, and/or applicable mailing supplies, free of charge. Student Mail Centers currently do not sell postage stamps or offer any paid shipping services.

After Hours/Early Closings

In the event that the university closes early due to an emergency situation such as weather, the mail rooms will also close and mail and packages will be unavailable. Mail and packages will be unavailable after hours and students will need to make arrangement to pick up items prior to the closing of student mail centers.

Intersession U.S. Mail and Parcels

For campus residents who are attending classes during Summer and Winter intersessions, and remain living in university housing, U.S. mail and parcels will be available for pickup by email to your: designated Student Mail Center. Hours of operations and location for Student Mail Center during intersessions will be posted on the Student Mail Center website.

U.S. Mail and USPS Parcel Forwarding

During Summer and Winter Intersessions, all U.S mail and USPS parcels remaining or received will be forwarded to the residential addresses listed on file. If campus residents want articles to be forwarded to an address that is different from their permanent home address, campus residents must submit a request, in advance, with Student Mail Services by email to: Student_Mail@uml.edu using their respective UML student email account.

Carrier Parcel Forwarding (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon Prime)

Campus residents must visit their respective Student Mail Center before leaving campus to pick up any remaining articles being held. Any items that have not been picked within one week of the last final of the semester will be Returned to Sender (RTS).

During the Summer and Winter Intersessions, parcels received from approved carriers will not be forwarded to a student’s permanent home address. All other shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL charge additional fees for forwarding packages. During the intersessions, parcels delivered by these carriers will be refused. Contact the carriers directly to make arrangements for forwarding services.

Tracking for U.S. Mail and Parcels

Campus residents wishing to keep up to date with transit status must visit the appropriate carrier website directly. Notification of U.S. mail and parcel arrival by the carrier does not mean that the article is available for pick up. Campus residents must wait until the Student Mail Centers has processed the articles and they have received an official email notification from the Student Mail Center.