Central Receiving is responsible for the timely receipt, inspection and distribution of all inbound material and equipment via a campus courier system, as well as the management of all outgoing freight, with the exception of hazardous materials.

Central Receiving is located at 1499 Middlesex Street in Lowell, MA, 01851. Packages will now be delivered to the campus with the university’s courier service. To ensure timely deliveries, shipments being sent to Central Receiving should be addressed as follows:

Recipient's Name
Department & Location
C/O UMass Lowell Central Receiving
1499 Middlesex Street
Lowell, MA 01851

Deliveries that are shipped priority / overnight with the proper facility address will be delivered directly to the department by the carrier (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.)

If you have any questions please call Central Receiving at 978-934-2375.