What type of wireless device do you recommend?

When purchasing new devices, look for wireless cards that support 802.11a/g/n/ac. Devices that only support g/n (without the 802.11a/n) are more likely to experience sluggish performance in places where there is a high density of wireless device usage.

I have a UMass Lowell email account - how do I connect to the network?

Those with UMass Lowell email accounts should connect their laptops and PC’s (or any other device that accepts credentials) to eduroam. All other devices should be entered in the My Devices Portal and connects to the UMassLowell network.

I have a UMass Lowell email account - how do I sponsor a guest’s device on the network?

You should register the MAC address of the guest’s device on your My Devices Portal. When creating the device in your portal, give your guest a 2-day expiration. Later, you can delete the device.

I have a wireless printer; how do I connect it to the network? Can I share it with my roommate?

Wireless printers can be connected to the network by entering the MAC address into your My Devices Portal. Please note that you must also add any device that will print to the printer to the My Devices Portal (even if this device connects to eduroam).

You may share printing capability with anyone with an UMass Lowell email account by entering in their email address in the shared with field when you create the account in the My Devices Portal. When you do this, all devices in the user’s My Devices Portal can browse and connect to your printer.

So, if I want to print to my printer, I have to have my printer and my laptop in my portal. To share this printer with a friend means I have to share the printer with my friend AND their laptop has to be in their portal.

I am visiting the university; how do I connect to the network?

Guests of the university have two ways to connect to the network. You can get credentials good for a 12 hour pass through the Self Registration portal. The other way is to have a university member add your device’s MAC address to their My Devices Portal. Either way, you connect to the UMassLowell network.

What is the difference between the eduroam and UMassLowell networks?

Eduroam is a secure network offered to those with an UMass Lowell email account. Username, password and all traffic is encrypted. Many campus resources are only available to users connected to eduroam networks. UMassLowell is an open (unsecured) network.

What is “eduroam”?

eduroam is a secure, worldwide roaming wireless service developed for the international research and higher education community.

eduroam allows UMass Lowell faculty, staff, and students to obtain free wireless connectivity at participating institutions around the world, by simply opening their device and connecting to the eduroam network at those institutions. This makes connecting to the Internet easy, convenient, and secure when visiting other campuses for conferences, research, or other reasons. Similarly, visitors from those participating institutions can easily get wireless access on the UMass Lowell campus by connecting to the eduroam network here.

eduroam is also available on the Amherst, Boston, and Dartmouth campuses as well as the President's Office. More info on eduroam can be found on the eduroam website.

Maps are available of participating institutions in the United States and at international locations.