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Current Updates

Out with Duo, in with Authenticator: Voluntary open enrollment beginning February 14, 2024! Please use our MFA Enrollment Guide to help you through the process and seamlessly switch from Duo to Authenticator. Once you have completed enrollment you will be able to log in to all your UML accounts using the authenticator app. Should you have any questions regarding MFA, this switch, or our policies, please reach out to TechServices at 978-934-4357 and we will be glad to help! If you would like assistance with the enrollment process, please consider registering for our upcoming TechCafé sessions, where a member of the TechServices team can assist you.

Shared Drives Moving to Sharepoint: IT has been contacting department managers and individuals with migration plans for Departmental File Shares throughout the spring. If you are still using your file share, you will be moved following the schedule that will be emailed to you. If you have not received an email yet in regards to the date of your migration, reach out to Matt Conlon via email: or Jordan Bagnell via email: for further instruction. For more information on Sharepoint, Teams, or this migration, please see our File Storage and Sharing page.

Student Mailbox Retention: Students will continue to have access to their email account for the duration of their time as a student at UMass Lowell. After two years following graduation or two years after leaving the university, student email accounts will be deactivated and deleted.

Graduated students may optionally register for a new alumni email forwarding service through the alumni office. This is a separate email account from your current student email account. It will have the format of and unlike your current student email account, the alumni account will not have a mailbox, therefore, you cannot send messages from it. The new alumni account will automatically forward any messages sent to it to your personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast etc.) Please note that email messages sent to your current student email address will not be forwarded. Only email messages sent to your new alumni address will be forwarded. Please go to the UMass Lowell Alumni Homepage, located under the Benefits tab, you will find more information about this service and others that UMass Lowell offers to alumni.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about the updated email policy and the removal of your account, please contact Tech Services by phone: 978-934-4357.