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Current Updates

ChatGPT is coming to UMass Lowell: UMass Lowell IT is excited to share ChatGPT Enterprise coming soon to you and your workflow! ChatGPT Enterprise is an advanced AI tool designed to boost our productivity while safeguarding our sensitive data. Unlike free AI platforms, ChatGPT Enterprise provides robust data protection, ensuring secure and ethical use, and we can't wait to see all the amazing ways you enhance our community with this incredible tool. Explore how this smart assistant can transform your workflow with our informational page, and stay tuned for more updates!

Self-Service Password Reset: Effective July 1, 2024, IT will be implementing self-service password reset for all accounts enrolled in Microsoft Authenticator. To reset your password, please go to the Password Reset Portal. You will need to have your mobile device ready for multi-factor authentication to complete the password reset. This method is the fastest and most secure way for clients to regain access to their accounts.
Please note that TechServices will no longer be able to verify personal information for password resets over the phone once this initiative begins.

End of Computer Orders: In order to guarantee that all computer orders are process and invoiced by the fiscal year FY24 deadline, TechServices will stop accepting new orders on May 22, and will resume at the start of FY25 in July.
If you would like to order soon, please browse our available devices on our Hardware page. All email inquiries can be sent by email to:

Out with Duo, in with Authenticator: Voluntary open enrollment beginning February 14, 2024! Please use our MFA Enrollment Guide to help you through the process and seamlessly switch from Duo to Authenticator. Once you have completed enrollment you will be able to log in to all your UMass Lowell (UML) accounts using the authenticator app. Should you have any questions regarding MFA, this switch, or our policies, please reach out to TechServices at 978-934-4357 and we will be glad to help! If you would like assistance with the enrollment process, please consider registering for our upcoming TechCafé sessions, where a member of the TechServices team can assist you.

Student Mailbox Retention: Students will continue to have access to their email account for the duration of their time as a student at UMass Lowell. After two years following graduation or two years after leaving the university, student email accounts will be deactivated and deleted.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about the updated email policy and the removal of your account, please contact Tech Services by phone: 978-934-4357.