UMass Lowell will discontinue file shares in 2021

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Changes are coming!

As of 2021, UMass Lowell IT is deprecating File Shares. The new standard for file storage is Microsoft OneDrive for individual files, and Microsoft Teams for shared files in use by a department or working group.

IT will be contacting department managers and individuals with migration plans for Departmental File Shares throughout 2022. If you would like to have your data migrated to Teams, please contact TechServices and we will be happy to expedite your transition.

As of early 2021, legacy individual file shares known as Home Directories have been locked and migrated to OneDrive. This migration is complete. If you are looking for your data, it is in OneDrive.

OneDrive is a cloud service that connects you to all your files. This service lets you store and protect your files, share them with others, and access them from anywhere, on all your devices. We are leveraging our partnership with Microsoft to extend Office 365 functionality to file storage.

Setup Guides

Setup OneDrive on MacSetup OneDrive on Windows

Video Tutorials:

Training and Documentation:

Mobile Device Setup

Migration%20plansMigrate your data to OneDrive:

Individual Faculty and Staff will migrate their data be using the tool Microsoft tool called, this utility will allow a smooth transition to the new storage tools. Please note that OneDrive does have some limitations on files names and file types.

Read the migration guide and start at the Mover IO website.


Contact Tech Services by phone: 978-934-4357 or email: and we can help you.