Outlook Web App (OWA)

How can I access the Outlook Web App (OWA)?

You can log into the Outlook Web App by going to the Microsoft 365 login page.

Can I do a spell check in OWA?

Yes, the Microsoft 365 Training Site has instructions.

How do I change my password in OWA?

You will need to navigate to the UML MyPassword site or you can contact the UML Help Desk to change your password.

Can I manually reset my "from" address in OWA?

No. The “from” address in OWA is automatically configured to your legal first name and last name as documented in the UMass Lowell Human Resources office and cannot be changed. The "from" SMTP address is your official UMass Lowell email address, Firstname_Lastname@uml.edu.

How can I configure OWA with a Reading Pane?

Visit the Microsoft 365 site for information on customizing your OWA experience.

How do I send an email to several OWA contacts simultaneously?

To send to multiple contacts entries simultaneously, enter their names on the To line of your message, separated by a semicolon (;). Before sending your message, click the “Check Names” button.

Can I add a signature to my emails?

Yes, the Microsoft 365 Training Site has detailed instructions on creating email signatures.

What is the OWA Junk Mail filter?

Emails tagged as SPAM are automatically sent to the Junk Email folder.

How does the Content Filtering work?

The Outlook Web App can be configured to automatically filter suspected SPAM and undesirable email. Instructions are available on the Microsoft 365 Training Site. You may also set up email sorting rules to sort incoming email by sender or keyword.

How do I forward my email to my non-university account (i.e., Yahoo!, MSN, Gmail)?

You can set auto-forwarding in the Outlook Web App. Instructions are available on the Microsoft 365 Training Site.

How do I set up the Out of Office Assistant in OWA?

For out of office replies, see instructions on the Microsoft 365 Training Site.

I just emptied my Deleted Items folder in OWA and I accidentally deleted something important. Can I get it back?

Please see instructions at the Microsoft 365 Training Site to recover lost messages.