UMass Lowell IT will be migrating Faculty and Staff email to Microsoft 365. Some of the benefits include:

  • Mailbox size increased from 10GB to 50GB
  • PST files can be uploaded into an Online Archive for unlimited email retention
  • Integration with other Microsoft 365 products that require your mailbox be in Microsoft 365 like ToDo and Planner and many other Microsoft 365 native apps
  • Hosted in Microsoft Datacenters with 99.9 uptime
  • New features and capabilities as Microsoft releases them
  • The ability to provide feedback is built into most Microsoft clients
  • If you'd like to learn more about Microsoft 365 visit the Microsoft 365 Training Center

Will I be able to access my email during the migration?

Yes, during the migration you won't notice anything different you will see a notification from Outlook when your migration is complete, if it is open, to quit and restart Outlook.

How much mailbox space will I get?

50 GB.

Is there a chance I will lose email?

No, the migration of your individual mailbox will stop if the process detects any lost content.

I have PST files, can I still use them?

Yes, you can without any changes. However we do suggest you upload your PST files into your new Archive folder that has a 100GB limit and will allow you to access your archive from anywhere. For more information please see the following how to on theĀ Microsoft 365 Training site.

Do you need to re-configure Outlook or Mobile Clients?

No, we do ask that you please close outlook the night of your migration otherwise you will be prompted to restart Outlook the next morning.

Will I be contacted when it is time to move?

Yes, you will receive an email 1 week before you are scheduled to move and another the day of as a friendly reminder.

I have legacy email clients using POP \ IMAP \ SMTP will those still work?

Yes, but you will need to reconfigure them, unlike Outlook and most mobile devices you will need to change your server settings.

Set up POP or IMAP email.

I am having issues, who do I contact?

If you do run into issues post Migration, please contact Tech Services.

I want to learn more about what is available in Microsoft 365, where do I go?

Microsoft has produced lots of content in the Microsoft 365 Training Center